Who We Are

Our Vision

 The P.A.I.G.E. (Project for the Advancement in Gays' Efforts) is an agency consisting of person centered programming to serve the often disenfranchised, less served, and often misrepresented minority youth and in the LGBTQIA community. 



Our Mission

The mission of The PAIGE is to serve those minority youth who self identify as LGBTQIA seeking assistance with self efficacy through counseling, social support, and job readiness/resources. Too soon, minority LGBTQIA youth begin their personal battle with their sexual identity and orientation alone. This is not including the often economical strain they're familiar with before learning to cope with the ailments of bullying, peer pressure, and lack of life skills. The shadow these issues cast almost always force individuals to more risky and self destructive sexual and criminal activities.  

Board of Directors

Dewayne Murrell
Artavius Veasey
Tanyaka Harris
Jeremy Wilson

Staff at the PAIGE

Jarius Herod

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