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New Emergency Assistance Program launches April 22th amid COVID-19 relief

Community members in Memphis and the surrounding area had been experiencing hardships since before The PAIGE began operation in 2006. However, staff and friends around the organization had been asking how can we help turn the PAIGE on your lives in the mid south. Well, you have spoken and we heard you. The PAIGE launches its new Emergency Assistance Program to Black LGBTQ folks in the south. Emergency Assistance will begin with services acquiring food, household essentials, sexual health services, and referrals to medical & mental health services in the mid south. Other services will be added as the program seek to address the needs of the population. For more info, be sure to visit

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ARTavius Veasey
ARTavius Veasey
Apr 20, 2020

I SOOO EXCITED!! I can’t wait for the community to see all the hard work we’ve been putting in behind the scenes! LETS GOOOO!! 😜🤗

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